60 Second with Luke Fair

Fair has also performed alongside the likes of Sasha, and toured extensively with John Digweed. Fair took some time out in the midst of touring Seoul to chat with us.
Which DJ do you respect most?  
Probably John Digweed. He has to be the hardest working person I know in the business. He’s done radio shows every week for years, manages a label and has one of the most hectic touring schedules. On top of that, he still has time to look out for new artists and help build their profiles. He’s also remained one of the most consistent DJs over his entire career, never straying away from the sounds he believes in.
Where would you live if not for Canada?  
I would probably live in Argentina. The people and the culture are amazing. Not to mention the food.
Funniest or most embarrassing nightlife experience…  
I’ve done it a few times. Accidentally pressing the cue button on the CD player that is playing over the sound system, instead of the one that’s just in my headphones. Complete silence in the club. Not a nice feeling!
God is a DJ because…
Not sure about that one!
What’s the sexiest pickup line that’s been used on you yet?  
Can’t think of any. Nightclubs aren’t a place where you usually get classy pickup lines!
Favorite mixer or martini…  
What music do you listen to apart from dance/electronica?  
I rarely get a chance to listen to anything else, but the last band that really caught my ear was Arcade Fire. Amazing music.
Do you think you’re cool?  
Not really. Pretty much all DJs are nerds when they’re not in clubs. We spend loads of time on the computer, and talk about different software programs and technology. That sums it up!