Bright Lights

These offbeat lamps marry form and functionality to gorgeous effect.

The Guru of Chai’s Jacob Rajan

If you’re still jaded from last year’s toils, the uplifting piece of theater that is The Guru of Chai is the perfect tonic. I-S finds out more about the play from its narrator.

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2011: Art + Education

From emotional imagery of survivors of trafficking, rape and abandonment, to an exhibition on playgrounds and an audiovisual exploration of pollution and climate change; this year’s Singapore Fringe Festival examines the relationship between nature and nurture, says I-S.

Shiny New Sing

It’s that time of year again. Our hangovers have finally cleared, we’ve grown bored of our presents and 2010 is receding into the distance faster than Jude Law’s hairline.

Mr. KIA Jan 7

My pet Dachshund was a messy eater for the longest time