Superstar Samaritans-The Green Gal About Town

You’ve gotta love 38-year-old Audrey Tay. The freelance creative consultant not only heads some of the coolest, most luxe parties in town (last year’s Avalon Go! as well as selected dos at Ku Dé Ta), this single mother of three is also a champion of the environment, who devotes a chunk of her time to […]

Superstar Samaritans-The First Man

Millionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Cintamani is always decked out in the finest threads and seen at the coolest events (not surprising, he’s also the organizer of the upcoming Men’s Fashion Week). And the workaholic 36-year-old can’t seem to do enough as he makes it a point to give back to society. He heads Global […]

Top Things To Do This Weekend

Get your portrait done by local artists.Head down to the F1 Pit Building for one of Singapore’s biggest parties of the year—City Alive!Why give a dozen roses for V-Day when you can surprise that special someone with more than 200 types of flowers?Load up on some Korean art at ION Art.Pamper yourself at Dr. Georgia […]

Georgia’s Lee New DrGL Loves DrSpa

The buzz: Celebrity skin doctor Georgia Lee’s new concept spa boasts the same kind of luxury as her aesthetics clinic TLC Lifestyle, which is located a mere stone’s throw away.The vibe: There’s none of your elaborate, earthy décor that’s typical of spas here; the minimalist white space absorbs you the moment you step in. Dr. […]

Heading for the Hills

If you can’t take the city slicker to the great outdoors, bring it to him in style.

Free Will Astrology, Week of February 11, 2011

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): When some Westerners hear the term “tantra,” they think it’s a New Age codeword for lavish sex. But in its original form, tantra is a philosophy that advocates spiritual union with all of creation, not just erotic union with an attractive partner. Tantric practitioners might engage in metaphorical “love-making” with lizards, birch trees, clouds, toasters, rivers, and quirky friends, among other wonders. I recommend that you experiment with this perspective, Aquarius.

Don’t Worry, Be Appy

Popular gay hookup app Grindr will soon be going straight. Whether it’ll catch on here is another matter.


The buzz: The newest eatery to join the progressively more diverse foodie enclave of Chinatown, with establishments such as Restaurant Ember and Bistro Soori just a few doors down.The vibe: Thanks to the copious use of wood, from the flooring to the tables and chairs, earth-toned furnishings and dim lighting, expect to feel instantly at […]