Don’t Worry, Be Appy

Popular gay hookup app Grindr will soon be going straight. Whether it’ll catch on here is another matter. A program that identifies all the available people within 400 yards of where you’re standing would surely overload pretty quickly, what with our soaring singleton status. Besides, we’re sensitive souls here in Singapore (or at least that’s what it says on our Grindr profile…)—is a quick fumble in the bathroom stalls really what we’re after? Aren’t we better suited to something a little, well, Kindr?Frankly though, with Valentine’s Day upon us once more, everyone and their mothers asking when we’re going to finally settle down, and still no sign of The One, what we’d really like to see are apps that take the sting out of being alone. We haven’t patented these ideas just yet, so if you’re a programmer feel free to get to work. Or get in touch. We’re dining alone on Monday …Fuggedaboutit Ever seen a drop dead gorgeous girl having dinner with some rich schmuck and cursed your misfortune? Of course you have. But perhaps not all is at it seems. Thanks to this neat little app, ladies can let everyone else in the room know whether they’re actually going home with the guy seated across from them.Not2nite Smug married couples are the worst, aren’t they? If they’re not telling you how it’s impossible to understand having a child until you have one yourself—seriously, we’ve all had pets—they’re on about how wonderful it is to have left the uncertain world of dating behind. Except what they don’t tell you is how little action they’re getting. This handy app hacks the iPhone’s pedometer function to measure sexual activity (what, you think Singaporeans put their phones down when they’re having sex?) then broadcasts it to the world.myWeek One of the best things about being single is how much time you have to do all the things you want. Get revenge on those luckier in love than you with this convenient sync tool that overlays your agenda for the week onto their calendar. Now when they look up what time they have to be at Mike and Sue’s place for dinner, they’ll see things like “Hot Girlz party at Butter” or “Invite that cute guy from Pure over … Buy frozen blueberries?”