Interview: Norman Jay

Ahead of Sir Norman Jay’s epic set, I-S chats to the legendary British DJ-producer.

Right Up Your Street

While everyone here’s been busy talking about our election (incidentally, is there any other country where a football stadium attracts more supporters for a rally than for a match?), elsewhere in the world everyone seems to be talking about us.

Mr KIA May 13

I saw a gorgeous pair of shoes the other day, and I really wanted to get it. but before you think I’m another Imelda Marcos, hear me out. I have really small feet—size four. And stores often don’t stock shoe sizes that small; the smallest they often have is size five. What can I do?—Sad Feet Dear

Interview: Iskander Walen

I-S chats with Singapore-based Dutch artist Iskander Walen, who has been on our shores since 1997, known for his larger-than-life installations and paintings.

Asian Fashion Exchange; Mackintosh for Converse; Ah Peks in Style

The local fashion scene will be on overdrive again when the much-anticipated Asia Fashion Exchange hits town May 13-22. I should know—I’ve been working on the specially commissioned supplement for the festival over the past few weeks, so I know exactly what to make a beeline for and what to avoid (tsk, tsk).