Mr KIA May 13

Dear Mr KIA,
I saw a gorgeous pair of shoes the other day, and I really wanted to get it. but before you think I’m another Imelda Marcos, hear me out. I have really small feet—size four. And stores often don’t stock shoe sizes that small; the smallest they often have is size five. What can I do?—Sad Feet Dear

I did a little asking around while out shopping for “mandals.” They’re all the rage, you know. Apparently, the solution to your problem is really simple: Get thicker insoles. Ask the store that has your desired shoe whether it sells them; not all shoe stores do, not even Bata. You can try your luck at Daiso (#05-01-03 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd., 6884-9210). But if you want to make sure the thicker insoles fit your shoe, it’s a better bet to head to Jet Win Sports Co. (#B1-43, 3 Coleman St., Peninsula Shopping Centre, 6336-8131). Ask the uncle there if he can trim it to fit; better that than doing a botched job yourself.