Interview: Olivia Sari-Goerlach

How and why did you start this project?
I have a big group of friends in a close-knit community revolving around Home Club, owners included. Inspired by a high school yearbook concept, I started documenting club nights and performers, usually right before they go on stage. It was a nice homage to the club and the local music community in Singapore.

Who were your favorites to shoot?
DJ Marky, Spectrasoul and Star Slinger. They were not afraid to smile for the camera, which made me smile when I looked at them. Also the guys from Le Palooza—they gave so much to the camera.

Are you really the super-cool girl about town you seem to be?
Not so much. Most days I’m going on photo shoots and doing retouching work for commercial projects or my personal projects, #vinyloftheday ( and a new magazine, TWO edition ( In my downtime, I usually hang out with my husband and our pug, watch movies or TV, and listen to records or Spotify.

Tell us about your dream photo shoot.
Anthony Bourdain. I’d travel to the locations for his Parts Unknown series on CNN, where raw locations and interesting cultures surround him. Portraiture, photojournalism, food and travel—a dream combo for me.

What and who else inspire you?
Individualism, and the ability to translate that through one’s medium. I admire people who have an opinion, and who have found their method of expressing them—figures like Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Hunter S. Thompson, Banksy and Charles Saatchi.

The Home Club Portraiture Project will be launched on June 29, 8pm at Home Club. Get a copy for $25 on the night (regular price $30).