Ditch the popcorn and break out the chips and salsa

Delve into the arts, culture, language and panoptic beauty of Mexico through film, at the Mexican Film Festival 2019, happening Jun 6-12. A celebration of the success Mexico and its film industry has seen, the film festival’s fifth edition allow locals, in particular film buffs, to explore and encounter Mexican motion pictures at its finest.

Showcasing a wide selection of genres including drama, thriller, comedy and horror, these critically-acclaimed movies will get viewers acquainted with Mexico, right here in Singapore. Arthouse film aficionados will also be delighted to note the coming of Mr Manuel Alcala, the scriptwriter and co-producer of Museum, a multi award-winning movie which the festival will be kicking off with. As a special guest of the event, Alcala will be introducing the movie before participating in a post-show Q&A session on Jun 6.

Screenings will be held at The Projector from Jun 6-8 and at the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House from Jun 10-12.

Museo / Museum (2018)

If you consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, Museum by Alonso Ruizpalacios may be a contender to knock the Bruce Willis classic off your festive movie list. Set in the mid-'80s and inspired by true events, this Christmas heist movie follows two individuals as they steal more than 140 pieces from the National Museum of Anthropology during the festive season. Watch as they make the run of their lives, albeit the authorities hot on their heels and the consequences of their actions catching up with them. Jun 6, 7.30pm at The Projector

Almacenados / Warehoused (2015)

A definitive movie, Warehoused assembles a small cast by confining the two male leads into a warehouse space. Directed by Jack Zagha Kababie, the elderly manager and the young man who is about to replace him are to spend five days in the empty, dull warehouse where apparently nothing ever happens. Jun 7, 8.30pm at The Projector

Un monstruo de mil cabezas / A Monster with a Thousand Heads (2015)

A tense and riveting plot comes in the form of A Monster with a Thousand Heads, translated from script to screen by Rodrigo Pla. Woman, wife, mother Sonia Bonet takes matters into her own hands when the insurance provider of her husband’s healthcare plan refuses to approve the care he requires. Fighting an abysmal system, Bonet is up against incompetent bureaucrats and workers as she finds herself falling down a rabbit hole. Jun 8, 5.30pm at The Projector

Sueno en otro idioma / I Dream in Another Language (2017)

Winner of the prominent Sundance Film Festival 2017 audience award for its director, Ernesto Contreras, I Dream in Another Language creates meaning through language, quite literally. Venturing into a village located in a jungle, a linguist, intending to study an almost extinct language, Zikril, only known to be communicated by the two remaining native speakers, so happens to also be sworn enemies. Jun 8, 8pm at The Projector

Eddie Reynolds y Los Angeles de Acero / Eddie Reynolds and The Iron Angels (2016)

Right off the bat, you’ll probably recognise lead Damian Alcazar as the Colombian drug lord Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela in Netflix’s hit series, Narcos. Demonstrating his diverse acting talents, Alcazar stars in this comedy and musical drama as Eddie Reynolds, who bands together with his old rock-and-roll musical group after 30 years out of the music scene, when Bono of U2 displays interest in buying one of their songs. Jun 10, 7.30pm at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House

Vuelven / Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

2018 Toronto After Dark Film Festival feature film award winner Tigers Are Not Afraid tells a chilling story of five children undergoing brutal and tormentous circumstances. Brought to life by Issa Lopez, this supernatural horror and fantasy movie depicts a scrappy bunch who are trying to survive the violence of cartels and poltergeists created by the drug war. Jun 11, 7.30pm at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House

Treintona Soltera y Fantastica / Single and Fabulous in Her Thirties (2016)

Famed actress, model, producer and writer Barbara Mori stars in this comedy as a relatable, witty and uncoordinated writer. Having rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal due to her refusal to conform to social norms of starting a family, this writer goes on an eventful adventure to redefine herself as a modern woman. Jun 12, 7.30pm at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House

The Mexican Film Festival 2019 runs from Jun 6-12. Tickets and more information on films to be screened at The Projector from Jun 6-8 here. Tickets and information for films showing at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House here.