6 touching movies await at this year’s Love & Pride Film Festival

Celebrate the freedom to love through cinema at Golden Village’s Love & Pride Film Festival, returning for its 11th edition on Oct 10. Over a span of 11 days, find six LGBTQ-centric, independent movies, all in relation to this year’s theme of “Sparking Change”.

Curated by the Singapore Film Society, the festival will kick-off with the screening of Spanish film Tremors, directed by up-and-coming Guatemalan director and screenwriter Jayro Bustamante. The line-up will also feature award-winning Chinese, Italian and Cantonese flicks that examine important issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community today.

For those eagerly anticipating the festival’s arrival, head down to GV Suntec City for the opening night and purchase a ticket to the show ($18) that comes with an exclusive Love & Pride Film Festival gift bag. And if you want to toast to the occasion, opt in for the cocktail reception too, at an additional $20.


When 40 year-old, religious family man Pablo decides to come out, his Guatemalan wife, family and church decides to intervene, in order to help him “heal”, no matter the cost. Opens Oct 10

Port Authority

A romance drama set in New York’s ballroom scene, Port Authority follows Paul, a midwestern youth who meets and falls in love with 22 year-old Wye, after locking eyes with her on the sidewalks of the NYC bus terminal. Paul soon discovers that Wye is a trans female, and is forced to confront his own identity and learn what belonging truly means. Opens Oct 11

Giant Little Ones

Best friends Franky Winter and Ballas Kohl are handsome high school jocks; but an encounter that happens on the night of Franky’s 17th birthday party changes their lives forever. This coming-of-age story is a heartfelt and intimate film about self-discovery and the power of love without labels. Opens Oct 12

Zen in the Ice Rift

16 year-old non-binary teen Maia aka Zen is the only female in her Italian town’s ice hockey team, and is constantly bullied by her teammates for her masculinity. One day, when the girlfriend of the ice hockey team captain runs away from home and hides in Maia’s family lodge, they form an unlikely alliance and embark on an exploration of gender identity and sexuality. Opens Oct 12

A Dog Barking at the Moon

Caught between her dissatisfied mother and secretly homosexual father, pregnant writer Huang Xiaoyu navigates familial tension and ties together with French husband Benjamin. Opens Oct 13


Hong Kong drama film Tracey follows the life of 51 year-old married man and father Tung Tai-hung, who wants to transition from a male to a female, while his wife strongly opposes and his kids remain perplexed. Opens Oct 13

GV’s Love & Pride Film Festival runs from Oct 10-20 at GV Suntec City and GV Grand, Great World City. More information to be released here.