Check out ASMR exhibits and more at the ArtScience Museum’s latest showcase

If you’ve already checked out all of the ArtScience Museum’s ongoing exhibitions like 2219: Futures Imagined or Disney: Magic of Animation, fret not; here’s another special showcase you can attend.

From now till Mar 8, reflect on human life in an era of rapid urbanisation at Super-Trajectory: Life in Motion. Through a series of installations and screenings, several artists seek to explore the artistic and cultural consequences of technology, and what it means to make art in an accelerating, media-influenced world.

, Check out ASMR exhibits and more at the ArtScience Museum’s latest showcase
Swan (2020)

Get to discover pieces about the importance of sustainability, like Rescue Operation(s), a fictionalised account of the state of climate change and melting ice sheets. But also find exhibits influenced by new-age trends like ASMR, such as with eating cake (2018), where a pair of hands tear into the dessert, crumbling and crushing it against a textured soundtrack. There’s also a live demonstration piece by Olifa Hsieh, which sees the artist using a microphone to record ASMR sounds of various objects and human vocals, and synchronising them to generate electronic sounds.

A collaboration with Inter-Mission, tamtamART and Tainan Art Museum, this is the second iteration of Super-Trajectory, with the first now showing in Taiwan’s Tainan Art Museum. So confront the ever-changing digital landscape and complexities of daily life at Super-Trajectory: Life in Motion; you just might find new perspectives or understanding of topics you’d never have thought twice about.

Super-Trajectory: Life in Motion runs from now till Mar 8 at the ArtScience Museum. More information available here.