CNY celebrations go high-tech with ‘talking’ red packets, interactive videos and online programmes

Last week, we unveiled Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)’s Moo Moo Park, Asia’s first drive-through art exhibition that uses augmented reality (AR) technology for a multi-sensory experience.

Now there are even more activities and online programmes at the SCCC to welcome the Year of the Ox. 

Collect auspicious ‘talking’ angbaos designed by local artist, Puffingmuffin, who has put a contemporary touch to popular Chinese New Year motifs. 

Let these red packets show you how to say some common CNY greetings through AR technology where you can make the ox on the red packet come to life. Listen to the greetings in Mandarin and the five major Chinese dialects in Singapore—Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese. The audio recordings for the red packets were done by children aged between seven and 11 years old. 


Just scan QR code on the back of the red packet, open the camera on Facebook and scan the red packet illustration. An animated 3D Ox will appear with the option to play the greeting in Mandarin and different dialects.

To get your hands on them, participate in any of the events held at SCCC from Jan 12-Feb 28: Moo Moo Park, SINGAPO人 exhibition, All Walks of Love exhibition, Pan!c at the Gallery – The RE•MIX Escape Game (onsite version) and RE•MIX Silent Music Party (onsite version). There are also giveaways on SCCC’s Facebook, Instagram and Wechat.

More online cultural offerings
Don’t miss other online programmes that highlight the customs and traditions of CNY at the SCCC.

First, challenge your knowledge of popular Chinese New Year greetings with the humorous 新年快乐: HUAT do I say? interactive video (from Jan 30) where you have to embark on a speed run to greet your relatives. 

Then learn more about Chinese New Year festivities such as wearing red and exchanging Mandarin oranges  in the fun animation, Kaki Says: Chinese New Year (from Jan 29). 

Finally, in Keeping Traditions Alive: Sweet Reunions (from Feb 2), watch Eunice from local artisan baker Baker’s Brew make ondeh ondeh cookies with her mother to illustrate how CNY goodies are a product of cultural influences.

Find out more about the events happening at SCCC here.