Highlights to catch at Singapore Night Festival 2019, returning end-August

Besides the highly-anticipated theatrical performance by Argentinean troupe Fuerza Bruta expected to amaze audiences at the Singapore Night Festival 2019 for the second time in seven years, the beloved, annual night fest will also present an abundance of arts and cultural exhibits and experiences for the public to enjoy for its upcoming 12th edition.

The Bras Basah. Bugis district will once again see a major transformation from Aug 23-31 (although some exhibits will be open to the public prior as early as Aug 8). And for the first time, two Festival Villages will be held on two separate weekends, Aug 23-24 as well as Aug 29-31, with one located at Armenian Street and another at Dhoby Ghaut Green.

With so much to see, here are some highlights of this year’s festival you should take note of. Go on, mark your calendars for the many spectacular evenings to come.

Whispers by Light Society

Here’s a good reason to visit the National Museum of Singapore’s pre-festival. Whispers is a 12-min wind therapy experience at the museum’s Gallery Theatre, created by Canadian art group Light Society. Encompassing four elements—light, sound, movement and structure—the piece draws upon the state of entering the sublime. To enjoy the exhibit in its full glory and hauntingly beautiful form, be completely silent and stow your mobile devices. Opens Aug 8

Intergalactic Dreams by Jahan Loh

, Highlights to catch at Singapore Night Festival 2019, returning end-August

For a three-part installation that combines the artist’s expertise in street art and fine art, find Intergalactic Dreams by Jahan Loh at the National Museum. Journey 50 years into the future, where mankind actively searches for a new planet to inhabit due to Earth’s depleted resources. It’s a commentary on the lack of effort taken to save our home planet. Visit the exhibit comprising a visual-and-sound display, robots and even a space pod. Opens Aug 8

Project: Dome – Ocisly by Lawerence Loh & Sebastien Jurkowski

A cool and interactive exhibit takes the form of a crowd-sourced digital projection, where the public can select emoticons based off a list of available ones, before releasing it to populate the dome’s display. Simply scan the Ocisly QR code and visit the link provided to get started. Opens Aug 23

The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires 

, Highlights to catch at Singapore Night Festival 2019, returning end-August
Artist’s impression, courtesy of Spectaculaires

A tribute to Singapore’s bicentennial, the festival will be spotlighting plenty of Southeast Asian artists, their works, as well as art pieces that have a connection to the history of the region. And embodying this year’s concept is The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires, which features a projection on the National Museum’s iconic Banyan tree, and for the first time, be accompanied by a riveting gamelan instrumental performance. The piece is inspired by the Asian Civilisations Museum’s collection of Nakashi Venkataramaiah paintings, and tells the story of the quest of Prince Rama, in traditional tembang (Javanese poetry), performed by local ethnic music and arts group Gamelan Asmaradana. Opens Aug 23

Tropicana by The Electric Canvas

, Highlights to catch at Singapore Night Festival 2019, returning end-August
Artist impression, courtesy of The Electric Canvas

Marvel and whip out your cameras at The Stamford Court, as various hues will colour the large clock perched atop the tower, come end-August. A playful animated projection conjured by Aussie architectural projection mapping company, The Electric Canvas, this less-frequented building will finally see some attention. Opens Aug 23

Singapore Night Festival 2019 runs from Aug 23-31, 7:30pm-midnight, at various locations within the Bras Basah. Bugis district. More information here.