15 minutes with Dr. Angela Murphy

Taking care of our skin is a daily concern for many of us. And while we enjoy the many benefits and new products that the best skincare brands regularly present to us, how many of us actually get to appreciate the team and effort that go into ensuring we get the best treatments and solutions by these giant labels?

We speak to Dr. Angela Murphy, VP of Research and Development at global skincare brand Dermalogica, to find out more.


, 15 minutes with Dr. Angela Murphy


As laymen, we’re curious to learn more about how researchers such as yourself go about defining new practices and programs.

The definition of new practices and programs in R&D requires curiosity, creativity, and solid scientific knowledge, as there is no innovation without science. That’s why R&D is in a constant search for cutting edge scientific discoveries, game-changing technologies, deep consumer understanding, and emerging trends that will shape our future. Coupled with a different mindset on how we see the things around us, we’re able to stay one step ahead. As Albert Einstein once said, “creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”


Could you also share with us what your day-to-day work looks like?

I have a daily partnership with Marketing and Supply Chain to identify new ideas and truly meaningful concepts, as well as provide daily guidance to my multifunctional R&D team that works with formulation and process development, product science, regulatory, sustainability, and quality control. I ensure the connection and clear communication with all these areas and constantly work with the team to develop transformational products and rigorously test them to ensure every skin concern is cared for.


, 15 minutes with Dr. Angela Murphy


What would you say are your foremost interests when it comes to skin science?

One of the many things I love about our industry is the constant advancement in ingredient technologies, underpinned by new and emerging research into the science of skin. In recent years, skin research scientists have been learning more and more about the fascinating field of skin microbiome and how this protective function is key to our skin health. At Dermalogica, we have been incredibly excited about these new findings and have taken steps to protect and support the skin microbiome in our formulas, such as with the Active Moist and Active Clay Cleanser, as well as our targeted treatment solutions in the Active Clearing series.


, 15 minutes with Dr. Angela Murphy


Are skincare products made from botanical/herbal sources necessarily always better?

Dermalogica is a professional-grade skin care system that delivers exceptional results for both skin health and wellness, as well as specific skin concerns and challenges. In order to achieve this, we use the best of what Nature provides alongside amazing synthetic ingredient technologies for even better results. At Dermalogica, we are powered by Nature and propelled by Science.


What new products or treatments can we look forward to as consumers concerned about our face and skin?

As we are constantly working to elevate the professional experience for our clients in the treatment room, and are always keeping abreast with skincare trends and consumer expectations, we and definitely very thrilled about the innovative products currently in development. I wish I could say more, but trust us, the future is very exciting with Dermalogica!


To find out more about Dermalogica’s newest products and what they have to offer, visit their website here.