Sigi Skin launches new Gentle Gaze Eye Cream

Need a cream that will target all your eye woes in one swipe? This new product by Sigi Skin has got you covered.

Formulated with a potent blend of superfood ingredients and potent antioxidants, Sigi Skin’s new Gentle Gaze Eye Cream helps to brighten and nourish the eye area, effectively reducing puffiness, fine lines, and signs of skin ageing.

, Sigi Skin launches new Gentle Gaze Eye Cream

Its powerhouse formula, boasting ingredients like Red Ginseng and Coenzyme Q10, also promotes the natural turnover of collagen and skin cells for a firmer finish and healthier glow. Amazingly lightweight, non-greasy, and quick-absorbing, you’ll never have to worry about stickiness and pesky residue.

But that’s not all! Its list of ingredients also include Kelp, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Ceramides – all of which are moisturising giants to hydrate and plump your under-eye area.

, Sigi Skin launches new Gentle Gaze Eye Cream

To look refreshed in no time, all you need to do is massage a pea-sized amount of Gentle Gaze onto freshly cleansed skin under each eye. The new product features a specially designed metal applicator that fits perfectly under your eyes, making it that much easier to apply without dragging our skin.

Suitable for use daily, both in the morning and at night, pamper your eyes with Sigi Skin’s newest solution for bright, healthy eyes, now exclusively available at their e-store!

Find out more at Sigi Skin’s website here.