SPICARE’S V3 Foundation makes its way into Southeast Asia

Cakey coverage, be gone! For those who prefer the au naturel makeup look, say hello to SPICARE’s V3 Foundation, a lightweight foundation that can help you score an even, glowing finish while allowing your skin to breathe at the same time.

Much to the delight of J-beauty enthusiasts, SPICARE – Japan’s top-ranking skincare beauty purveyor – has recently announced its online distribution expansion into the Southeast Asian market, starting with their bestselling V3 series.


, SPICARE’S V3 Foundation makes its way into Southeast Asia


The V3 Foundation has all the makings of an everyday holy grail, boasting quick absorption, long-lasting capabilities, and a decent amount of coverage. Formulated with Inospicule micro-needles for gentle skin penetration, the formula effectively helps with whitening, anti-wrinkling, sebum control, and pore regulation.

Available in just one sleek shade, the V3 Foundation incorporates pigments made from natural ochre, laterite, black earth, and lapis lazuli – all of which reacts with natural components on your skin, naturally blending and adapting to a shade that suits each individual’s skin tone best.


, SPICARE’S V3 Foundation makes its way into Southeast Asia


As weightless as it is, it also packs a powerful, patented Seboom P-complex. Its mix of tourine root extract, evening primrose oil, pueraria root extract, and big pine tea leaf extract helps to regulate the skin’s activity, inhibiting excess sebum and promoting dry skin to secrete sebum.

Gaining much popularity and labels such as the “Natural Acupuncture Air Cushion Powder”, “Therapeutic Air Cushion Powder”, and “Beauty Air Cushion Powder” since its release in Japan 2 years ago, SPICARE’s V3 Foundation is now available for purchase in Singapore via their website and social media platforms.


To find out more, head over to SPICARE’s website here.