Achieve your best hair with Palette Hair salon

When it comes to grooming and style, our hair can either make it or break it for us. And as accessible as haircare seems to be these days, our hair is still one of those perpetual areas of concern, for many of us at least. Due to our local climate, frizzy hair is definitely one of our foremost concerns, as well as the evergreen hair loss worries.

Here to alleviate and help us through our concerns is Palette Hair. Founded with a passion and steadfast dedication to offering quality treatments and bespoke looks, the young salon came into the scene late last year, and has already garnered for themselves a loyal following with their holistic and highly customised services. Elevating their repertoire of haircare options, they introduce Nature’s Organic Sense and MB professional haircare lines into their treatment packages.


, Achieve your best hair with Palette Hair salon


Palette Hair’s use of Nature’s Organic Sense in their hair and scalp treatment ensures gentle and deep cleansing for all hair types. Made with natural ingredients and extracts from certified organic agriculture, their range of shampoo and treatment products are also free of harmful ingredients like parabens, silicon, sulfates, synthetic perfumes, etc.

To restore our hair back to its original splendour or repair it from inside out, they turn to MB’s active keratin protein treatments. With the Keramimic and Keramimic 2.0 range, they effectively strengthen our hair, protect it from chemical damage, and increase our hair’s elasticity with a potent mix of keratin and collagen.


, Achieve your best hair with Palette Hair salon


Located in close proximity to the Aliwal-Arab St heritage district, Palette Hair has also extended their premises and added new VIP rooms to provide even more personable and exclusive services for their clients. Beyond enhanced privacy, the new rooms also allow them to better cater to the needs of their Muslim clientele, stepping up as a proud hijab-friendly hair salon with cutting edge hair artistry.


To find out more about Palette Hair and what they have to offer, visit their website here.