Featuring fully private pods, therapies endorsed by bio-scientists, trichologists, and medical specialists, proprietary products equipped with stem cell technology, and so much more

Founded with a vision to provide the most luxurious hair treatment in the market today, Coulisse Heir graces us with hair and scalp care fit for the best versions of ourselves.

Dedicated to bringing out the confidence in both men and women, Coulisse Heir’s premium range of treatments hopes to remind us that our scalp is as much in need of proper maintenance as the rest of our skin.



Creating a peaceful sanctuary for all who enter, stepping into Coulisse Heir is an experience unlike other hair and scalp care salons. Their spacious, private rooms surround you with a dignified, yet soothing air of luxury amidst calm rejuvenation.

Bringing you on a journey to learn more about and connect with your hair and scalp, their cutting-edge methods have been endorsed by bio-scientists, trichologists, and medical specialists alike. Specially curated to address different types of conditions, from the mild to severe, their natural products and treatments are not only skin-friendly – they are, more importantly, clinically effective.



Complete with fully reclinable backwash chairs, the avant-garde boutique’s private pods offer an uninterrupted self-care time for every guest, offering an unparalleled VIP experience for urbanites taking that much-needed time for themselves.



Coulisse Heir adopts a modern two-pronged approach to trichology for maximum efficacy. Their proprietary SCALPERFORM method is a performance-based system that marries trichology with herbology to enhance both hair and scalp health from the inside out. Formulated with clinical grade ingredients, and developed using stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, the state of the art method is both effective and strongly supported by Science.

All of their therapies are also enhanced with the use of advanced FDA-approved machines and their own in-house product range, administered by experienced and trained therapists.



For a glimpse into the hair and scalp paradise that Coulisse Heir has to offer, simply give their Signature Co-Cleanse Scalp Therapy a go. Their basic cleansing routine, it begins with a round of hair brushing and shoulder massage to relieve stress and encourage healthy circulation. They then exfoliate our scalp using a proprietary formula that is both gentle and rejuvenating at the same time, before moving on to wash our hair down twice – the essential double cleanse that we always gloss over.

A scalp strengthening essence suitable for all hair types is then applied, complemented by the use of Chromotherapy (colour and light) technology to enhance effective absorption of the essence and promote healing properties of the scalp.


To book your first session or find out more, visit Coulisse Heir's official website here.