The new line employs cutting-edge nanotechnology to restore our hair from inside out and allow those vivid colours to stay vibrant longer

Let’s face it: a huge part of personal grooming, regardless of our background, involves experimenting with different ways our hair and chosen styles highlight our personalities and preferences. Growing up, we’ve all been fascinated and would’ve definitely tried to recreate our favourite looks in one way or another, putting our hair through shades of colours we imagine would give us a special edge.

Over time, we commonly end up stressing our hair and scalp more than we realise. Coming to the rescue of our precious mane and vanity, Mucota introduces a new gold and silver colouring line, along with Scena+ treatment and colour care shampoo series.



Partnering with salons such as the long-standing Three Hair Salon chain, Mucota’s new colour line is available in ninety-three precise shades, designed to achieve vivid colours that satisfy both the stylist’s creativity and customer’s vision.

Above and beyond expectations, customers also get to enjoy their partners' value-adding services while at the salon. Take Three Hair Salon for instance: presenting an unassuming front, you'll be pleasantly surprised upon entering as you're treated to a lush experience from start to finish. Their deluxe experience includes getting to choose from an adorable beverage and snacks menu before your treatment even begins, having experienced stylists attend to all your questions and needs throughout the process, and even a personal aromatherapy massage after getting your hair washed!



Like all Mucota products, the line’s beautiful effects are a result of unique active ingredient combinations, employing special pigments that ensure stable, long-term colours.

Using a liquid crystal emulsified capsule system, nano Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) and plant-derived ingredients are sent deeper into the hair to achieve intense shades while improving hair structure and manageability.

Other ingredients such as Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate from liquorice root extract helps to condition the scalp and soothe irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties, while hydrolysed silk provides extra shine and softness to our hair.



Restoring hair from the inside out, their Scena+ treatment is specially formulated for Asian hair types with advanced nano CMC+ and nano moisturising amino acids, lipids, and proteins that penetrate our hair layers and effectively replenish lost CMC – an essential compound that retains proteins, oils, and moisture that supports the vitality of our hair.

Through advances in material sciences and biotechnology, Scena+ replaces important natural elements that make up the intercellular components in our hair.



Going a step further to help us retain the bright glow of freshly dyed hair, their Colour Keep Shampoo offers gentle cleansing and shields colour from fading whilst restoring our hair fibres – then leaves us with an alluring aroma of lychees and berries.

For greater nourishment and colour vibrancy, follow through with the accompanying Colour Keep Daily Treatment.


Ready to revamp your hair styling game? Find out more on Mucota’s official website here.