Get free Shots this weekend at Japan IPL Express

Urgently in need of some personal grooming but just can’t seem to find the time? Add the cost of professional maintenance packages on top of that, and we commonly find ourselves dismissing that much-needed self-care session.

Thankfully, there’s Japan IPL Express, Singapore’s first unisex IPL salon. Offering us effective and convenient solutions that boast a clear “no packages, no appointments” modus operandi, they’re ideal for everyone from students and professionals, to parents and foreign visitors alike.

Celebrating their 9th anniversary this month, Japan IPL Express is welcoming all to give their services a try with a Free IPL Weekend.


, Get free Shots this weekend at Japan IPL Express


Come Sep 03 and 04, the brand invites all genders to drop by any of their outlets to explore and get their IPL Shots.

On Saturday, existing Japan IPL Express customers will get to enjoy 100 free Shots, and on Sunday, the offer is open to all customers. In fact, new customers who have never visited Japan IPL Express before will even get an additional 20 Shots for free.

These Shots can be used on any treatment area except Brazilian, Boyzilian, and a Full Facial. Valid for a full month, you may also choose to either use all 100 free Shots on the day of your visit this weekend or save some for another session within the month.


, Get free Shots this weekend at Japan IPL Express


And that’s not all. Any customer who claims their 100 free IPL Shots also gets to purchase their next 90 Shots at an incredibly discounted price post-session.

To complement your skincare and beauty regime after your IPL session, they’re also offering exclusive promotions on nourishing products such as their extra care Feminine Wipes and skinbooster Liposome Treatment Concentrate.


To find out more about Japan IPL Express and their celebratory weekend, head over to their website here.