Expect easy-to-follow makeup tips and stories of ambition and courage from the industry veteran herself

Wielding a nifty airbrush, Shradha Agarwal now adds another feather to her cap: becoming an author.



Titled Makeup Portraits Stories, the new book highlights practical makeup hacks and insights on the multi-billion-dollar makeup industry.

In the book, Shradha also busts myths about makeup, discusses common misconceptions about beauty, and shows you why makeup is more than just achieving a pretty face.



As an insider and professional in the beauty industry, Shradha’s professionalism cannot be discounted. The highly sought-after expert for all things makeup boasts extensive experience working with leading brands, top models, and Bollywood stars like Meera Chopra and Govinda.

Currently based in Singapore, Shradha’s journey from India to Singapore, and her years as a celebrated makeup artist shape the astute, first-hand insights dished in the book.



Whether or not you’re a professional makeup artist, Makeup Portraits Stories will show you how to embrace your unique features and tap into the power of makeup to display another side of you – there are no hard and fast rules to makeup, after all.

So “experiment and have fun,” shares Shradha. Just one piece of key advice before you start building up to intensify the look though: less is always more. Adding on is easy but taking off extra products is always troublesome.


To land your hands on a personal copy, place your orders here.

Makeup Portraits Stories is also available for reference reading at the National Library of Singapore.