Expect AR hair consultations, first-class comfort, and VVIP rooms right in our heartlands

We’ve seen it happen with the mullets, the chic boy bobs, and choppy Y2K hairstyles – which have made unexpected sweeping returns as must-try trends. For some of us though, it might take a bit more courage to try that haircut that just screams bold and ready for change.



Enter: U-Hair, the first hair salon in Singapore that uses SMART A.I. Technology to show and educate customers on suitable hairstyles. Mirrors at U-Hair are installed with JìNG, a patented augmented-reality experience that maps and analyses data to provide you with personalised recommendations – from your next bold cut or dye, to hairstyling and hair care tips.



Customers are first recommended to provide more details about their demographic, lifestyle habits, and preferences in aesthetics and clothing style through a quick multiple-choice questionnaire on the screen. Based on the answers, the SMART mirrors function as a seamless consultation process and begin to provide customers with accurate recommendations.



On top of the mirrors, U-Hair provides first-class comfort in their VVIP room with TAKARA BELMONT LUAR Salon Chairs. Equipped with a flat-reclining mechanism, these chairs are paired with a complementary, wheelable Backwash Unit, which means no more of that clumsy waddling to the basin area and a full rest throughout your treatment. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in such full-on pampering?



A fresh upgrade follows after as you rejuvenate your senses with the bright scent of Viege. As Japan’s leading anti-aging and clarifying hair care brand, Viege restores the suppleness and resilience of your hair with all-natural ingredients that consist of various vegetables and supplements.


For more information on U-Hair, visit their website here.