Gain insights and tips from expert dermatologists, as well as affordable skincare product recommendations

It’s a new month of fresh beauty discoveries with Cetaphil, who presents their inaugural Skin Awareness Month this May.

For this year’s edition, the brand has enlisted a panel of dermatologists to discuss tips and hacks for those troubled by sensitive, eczema-prone, and acne-prone skin.



The line-up of local experts includes Dr Liew Hui Min, Dermatologist at SOG - HM Liew Skin & Laser Clinic, Dr Jean Ho, Consultant Dermatologist at Jean Ho Skin and Laser Clinic, and Dr Lynn Chiam, Consultant Dermatologist at Children & Adult Skin Hair Laser Clinic.

Their educational presentations will cover topics from identifying sensitive or eczema-prone skin and how to care for it, to instructional steps on managing facial acne.

On top of the videos, Cetaphil has made it easy for us to commit to a skincare routine for fuss-free self-care at home. Here’s what they recommend:





One of the most basic steps in keeping your skin healthy and acne-free is proper facial cleansing.

The new and improved Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser defends against the 5 signs of skin sensitivity – dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness, and weakened skin barrier – and is clinically proven to actively hydrate your skin while cleansing it. It can be used with or without water and is suitable for all skin types, making it the brand’s bestseller and a fan favourite.





A mainstay for anyone who has ever suffered from eczema, the Cetaphil PRO AD Derma range helps hydrate and soothe dry and itchy skin with their patented technology. It relieves you of that pesky itch-scratch cycle, all while restoring and strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier.





Effectively control and treat acne with the powerful Benzac Spots Treatment Gel 5%. Containing benzoyl peroxide, the formula helps to kill 94% of acne-causing bacteria, increase shedding of dead skin cells, and control sebum production.


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