Drink your way to supple skin with this Collagen Shot

Here’s a tip: Beauty blossoms from the inside out. We’re talking about beauty drinks that glow you up right at the source, and Nuceuticals’ Skinergy Collagen Shot is the latest in this quest.


, Drink your way to supple skin with this Collagen Shot


Formulated with a potent blend of good-for-your-skin ingredients, each Collagen Shot consists of Nuceuticals’ proprietary Bio-Optimised Marine Collagen (BMC) peptide, Vitamin C, Rosemary, Fern, and Micro Algae Extract. The 100% drug-free supplement is, quintessentially, a collagen and elastin booster.

After all, skin starts to lose collagen considerably once we’re in our 20s and as our dermis structure weakens, our skin starts to sag.


, Drink your way to supple skin with this Collagen Shot


On the surface, the formula defends our skin against four types of radiation (UVA and UVB, blue light, and infrared hazards), as well as common free radicals caused by external environmental stressors. Unlike other typical collagen products available in the market, the Skinergy Collagen Shot does not only replenish collagen in the body but also penetrates deeper into the epidermis to stimulate production of healthy cells. What you get are faster results, more potent ingredients, and higher efficacy to achieve that supple skin with just one sachet daily before or after food! Each sachet can easily be consumed on its own or mixed with any beverage.


Nuceuticals’ Skinergy Collagen Shot is now available in clinics and on Nuceuticals’ official e-shop.


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