The celebrity hairstylist lets in on the secret behind the stars’ gorgeous tresses

Hairstyling usually means spraying your tresses with a vast cocktail of products. From heat protectant sprays and texture sprays to volumising sprays – you get the drift. But as effective as those products and treatments are, hair prep actually begins the moment you wash your hair.



Renowned celebrity hairstylist Kim Robinson, the man behind the gorgeous locks of Asia’s most revered A-listers and socialites, has got just the solution for you. From Angelababy to Gong Li, the late Princess Diana to Anita Mui, Kim has one standard request for his clients: to always wash your scalp cleanly.



But that’s not to say Kim reserves his iconic magic only for the stars. The chance to destress those tresses in glorious kimrobinson fashion is now just a quick visit away from his boutique in Ngee Ann City.



Taking over 10 years to develop and formulate, Kim’s self-branded hair care line kimrobinson Hair Rejuvenation Formula (HRF) has just been released to the public for the first time ever. Once reserved for his VIP clients only, the two-step hair care routine is created specially for Asian hair, with a formulation that aims to improve oily scalps and nourish dry and thinning strands.

The HRF features two products: Scalp Cleansing Bio-Treatment and Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment. The drug-free scalp and hair treatment makes use of zero silicones and is enriched with natural ingredients such as amino acids, biotin and copper tripeptide. They’re also said to produce results from intracellular follicle systems within the scalp, thus returning the glory of youthful locks.



Not only do these products give you a soft and shiny canvas to work on, but the vitamins and minerals they provide your locks make for a natural reversal of the ageing process, giving you healthier, thicker, and stronger hair in the long run.


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