Achieve firm, glowing, supple skin in just one step

Hoping for a slimmer face after a single session? It’s possible.

With all the potential to answer any round-face complex, mtm labo’s custom-blended lift-radio frequency treatment effectively tightens skin and restores the natural contours of your face to retain a firm, youthful glow.



Essentially, the non-invasive treatment makes for a sharper jawline and a less bloated face. The service is also available for common problem areas such as the neck or eye area.



Through the use of safe and effective radiofrequency technology combined with a thoughtful selection of mtm labo’s signature custom-blended skincare products, the treatment works on a deeper level too: amping up skin resilience in the long run.

Best of it all? There's absolutely no downtime.



Painless and gentle on the skin, the treatment mainly uses radio waves that safely penetrate the skin to stimulate cell regeneration for reconstruction of connective tissues – aka, collagen and elastin. These proteins, which we naturally lose over time as we mature, form the structural support of our skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Not only does the treatment firm up the collagen fibres within our skin, it also surges existing proteins back to life for an instantly firmer appearance.



mtm labo’s lift-radio frequency treatment also promotes new production of collagen and elastin. A renewal of cells from deep within the dermal layer, it eventually replaces aged and tired cells with newer and healthier ones, giving you visibly soft, youthful, and glowing skin.


To inch your way closer to a more defined jawline – or simply for a well-deserved glow-up – visit mtm labo’s official website here for more information.