From quick lunchtime fixes to complete, detoxifying treatments

Facial treatments are a luxury, but at its very core, it addresses skincare concerns while providing maintenance and improvement. And if you’ve been struggling with maskne, dehydrated skin or other irritating skin woes, then you may wish to pay a visit to homegrown beauty parlour Skindays.

Found at 39A Pagoda Street—just a skip and a hop away from Chinatown MRT—the beauty salon readily helps locals attend to their latest skin troubles thanks to a menu of customised treatments at accessible rates.

Opened by a team of beauty experts and aestheticians shortly before the pandemic, Skindays delivers efficient, tailor-made solutions by sticking to the foundation of things: something they know best.


Take for instance the GlowNow Facial, which cleanses the skin before introducing a gentle procedure that clears pores painlessly. It then continues to nourish the skin with hyaluronic acid, peptides and potent antioxidants. All done within a mere 30mins (no downtime involved), the GlowNow experience is pretty much the perfect lunchtime fix.

For more pampering sessions, go with either the Expert Facial or the MicroBoost treatment. While the former is a 60mins detoxifying extraction process, the latter is a heavy-duty facial for stubborn skin concerns.


But most importantly, these facials are completely customisable and targeted at resolving pressing skin concerns. In fact, the brand even carries a lean yet ample line of products to help patrons elevate their skincare routine.

Says Zoe Lim, Co-founder of Skindays: “Skindays helps locals combat their skin woes and maintain their skincare regimen through the signature facials, high performance treatments and range of locally produced targeted serums. The main idea behind the signature facials is to provide a solution to locals wherever they are on their skin journey—maintenance, spot treatment or even restoration.”

She adds: “Along with the pandemic came a new set of skin woes in the form of maskne. To cater to the growing demand for maskne treatments, Skindays worked with its team doctor, Dr. Winston Lee, to come up with treatments that combat skin concerns like acne, clogged pores and more. One such treatment introduced this year is AcneLight+, a medical grade treatment that uses the latest photoshower intense pulsed laser (IPL) technology to clear up even the most extreme cases of facial acne.”

Learn more about Skindays here.