Upgrade your home skincare routine with mtm labo

If you think your 10-step skincare routine – from all your essences and serums, to double-cleansing and triple-moisturising – makes for an extra comprehensive vanity area, wait till you hear about the devices that the real beauty geeks have on rotation.

If you’re due for a regimen upgrade, mtm labo’s new Home Care series is a godsend. Get your hands on gua sha plates, eye massagers, and facial rollers, all of which are designed after the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine to promote blood circulation, invigorate energy, and maximise the effectiveness of your skincare products.


, Upgrade your home skincare routine with mtm labo


Made from food-grade stainless steel, each Home Care tool is anti-bacterial, cool to the touch, and highly durable. Clearly, it can last you for years, making it worth a slight splurge. Each set even includes a travel pouch which can be reused and repurposed at your convenience.


, Upgrade your home skincare routine with mtm labo


Releasing a new tool kit set each month from now to Dec, look out for August’s Rejuvenating Mask Tool that aids in mask application and multi-mask mixing. The set includes a mask bowl with a detachable suction base, a silicone mask brush, and a mask spatula. Come September, mtm labo will be releasing the Facial Guasha Plate, specially designed to massage and improve blood circulation, as well as enhance skincare absorption.


Fans can also look forward to mtm labo’s Revitalising Eye Massager in October, Anti-Aging Facial Roller in November, and the amazing 3D Lifting Facial Guasha Tool in December.


To find out more about mtm labo and their home care series, head over to their website here.