Made purely with botanicals, they feature the Rose de Mai's potent blend of natural protective qualities, antioxidants, anti-ageing properties, vitamins and so much more

Guys, girls, kids, elders, we’re all in love with flowers in one way or another – and it’s hard to say why. It could be something about their natural fragrance, sweet notes, vibrant colours, or all around romantic notions of beauty and refinement, but one things for sure: they’ve been used to give us some of our favourite products for generations now.

Obsessed with flowers and their natural abilities to heal and work in harmony with our bodies, Chantecaille has been moving the industry for more than two decades with their modern, botanical skincare and cosmetics – and at the core of their amazing products, is the brand’s now-iconic Rose de Mai.



Discovered by the brand’s mother-daughter founders while on a trip to Grasse in search of rare botanical ingredients, they came upon the beautiful pink blooms and was immediately captivated by their rich, intense aroma.

They soon realised the untapped potential of the extremely special Rose de Mai blooms. Not only is it highly potent, it’s also very rare – blooming for only two weeks each May, the Rose de Mai must be harvested by hand at dawn, at the moment of first bloom.



Boasting unprecedented antioxidant, anti-ageing, and skin-perfecting benefits, the Rose de Mai is the foundation of Chantecaille’s revolutionary skincare products, also bringing with them natural anti-inflammatory properties and protective qualities.



The first of the line, and possibly the most iconic, their Pure Rosewater face mist instantly revives the complexion and uplifts spirits with the flower’s refreshing aromatherapy benefits. Packed with antioxidants, it is renowned for its ability to soothe the skin and mind, leaving you feeling beautifully fresh.

Made 100% with Rose de Mai, the Pure Rosewater is a potent 99% natural formula that includes everything from  the total extraction of their petals, vitamins, and all their essential oils, immediately distilled into artesian well water.

Crafted in France with the highest quality pure botanicals, the deluxe, vivid pink, limited-edition bottle contains the product of 5,000 petals within each bottle.



Formulated to blend without the need of skin stripping surfactants, the Rose de Mai Eye Lift is an innovative silky gel crème made up of a billion microcapsules of oil, gently dispersed in Rose de Mai water. Targeting visible signs of eye ageing, it effectively relieves puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and lack of firmness around our eyes.

For a brighter glow on our faces, go for their Rose de Mai Face Oil. Pairing the Rose de Mai with a rich bouquet of Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Rose Damascena, and Rose Geranium, the 100% natural botanical elixir is ultra nourishing, moisturising and brightening our skin for that supple and dewy look, promoting a firmer, healthier glow while combating ageing and lines.


Grab your own Rose de Mai magic, or find out more about Chantecaille’s extensive range of amazing botanical products on their website here.