Work on your mental and emotional well-being with this new online platform

The Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on our lives and livelihoods. And of specific concern, though a subject not easily broached, is the far-reaching and devastating impact it has on our mental health.

We are already seeing cases of mental health concerns on the rise, and the pandemic is only exacerbating pre-existing issues. But other than seeking professional help, what else can we do about it on an individual level?

That’s where newly-launched online platform The Inside Job hopes to come in. It’s started by Celeste Chong, a certified practitioner of various wellness techniques, and is someone who has battled with mental and emotional health issues herself. She believes many of these problems have been brought on by our modern society’s “hustle culture”.

“I used to push away any unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings. I saw emotions as a weakness and bought into the hustle culture. But there comes a time when whatever you use to numb yourself stops working and if you’re lucky, out of sheer desperation you surrender and experience a moment of grace,” stated Chong.

Chong is also perhaps best known for being co-founder of now-defunct The Butter Factory, one of Singapore’s most iconic nightlife spots back in the day. She was most formerly part of the founding team at co-working space The Great Room as well.

, Work on your mental and emotional well-being with this new online platform

Her venture into the business of personal well-being has come at a time when people are perhaps needing it most, and is also galvanized by her own pursuit of recovery.

“I passionately create solutions from experience in my own journey of recovery and self- discovery; to help others who may feel unhappy and stuck but don’t know why,” says Chong.

“The Inside Job offers online programs, events and workshops to help you deeply relax, build resilience, be guided towards ah-ha moments, develop an inner awareness, and discover happiness from within.”

She adds: “There’s no magic pill, but for as long as you are willing, the knots will come undone and you will find your happiness from within.”

The Inside Job offers a few key services. There are free resources you can read up on and try, regular online events and workshops being conducted with various guests and experts in the field, as well as a signature 5-week Rise & Thrive online programme which includes use of consciousness-based techniques like BodyTalk.

All activities are available digitally, allowing anyone easy access to their programs and workshops.

Find out more about The Inside Job here.