Showing us that mental wellness is as important as physical health through fun activities and unique workshops

Advocating for prevention rather than cure, Mind the Wellness was launched by four final-year undergrads in a bid to promote the idea that “there is no health without mental health”.

Even with an increasing awareness towards mental health in Singapore, these students found that mental wellness is, as yet, still not a priority here. The issue, as they point out, is that not enough focus is given to ensuring that mental health issues do not surface in the first place; that most initiatives are geared towards educating the public about ways to help with or overcome mental health issues.



Seeking to fill that void, Mind the Wellness hopes to encourage regular mental wellness activities – much like the way we pay attention to our physical wellness – and drive home the message that good mental wellness is not simply an absence of mental health issues, but is a continuous process that is as important as physical health.

As part of the campaign, youths in Singapore can sign up for multiple exploratory workshops that teach us how to destress and give us practical tips on how to do mental health checks.



Collaborations with brands such as ScentBySix, Arudio, Boulder Planet, The Art Nooq, Uphill, GroupAid, Nadra Louise Studio, and Botany Studio provide youths with opportunities to explore unconventional workshops and activities that not only benefit their mental health, but are, more importantly, also fun and enjoyable.


To find out more about Mind the Wellness and their exciting workshops, find them on Instagram here.