A first in Asia, this revolutionary oral care series from Germany contains 20% active HAP, naturally restoring and protecting our teeth's enamel

For many of us, thoughts of having to visit a dentist or fixing our teeth are almost the stuff of nightmares – just with a lot more light and the clean smell of sterile equipment. Try as we may, these visits start to become a greater necessity as we get older, yet we just can’t seem to get used to them.

So of course, being able to protect our teeth and ensuring their health and wellness from the comfort of home is something we’ve always been waiting for. Promising just that, Dr. Wolff launches their Bioniq Repair Toothpaste line in Singapore.



A biomimetic oral care range whose main active ingredient mimics the composition of our teeth’s outer layers. Dubbed Hydroxyapatite (HAP), the mineral makes up almost 97% of our teeth’s enamel – the outermost layer – and about 70% of the layer under the enamel.

As the main component of our teeth enamel, it protects our teeth from bacteria, diseases, and decay, but unfortunately cannot be reproduced naturally by human body cells.



To combat that, Dr Wolff’s Bioniq Repair Toothpaste introduces Hydroxyapatite to our teeth during our oral care regime, actively helping to remineralise (restore) our teeth and form a protective layer against erosion through our day to day activities – which also means that we can now worry less about teeth cavities.

Research has even shown that the ingredient alone also effectively remineralises deeper layers of our teeth!



With Dr. Wolff’s Bioniq Repair Toothpaste, we’ll not only get to restore and protect our teeth; because of HAP’s natural properties, we’re also able to reduce the risk of gum disease, such as gingivitis, and sensitive teeth issues. This bionic enamel agent also helps to remove teeth discolouration from substances like caffeine, wine, and nicotine over time.

A result of over a decade spent researching and developing dental care products for consumers, the Bioniq Repair Toothpaste series presents the only toothpastes from Germany that contain 20% active HAP.


Available exclusively through their website, Singapore is the first country in Asia where the Bioniq Repair Toothpaste and Bioniq Repair Toothpaste PLUS are made available. “Brush back” your teeth enamel and fight sensitivity with Dr. Wolff’s biomimetic oral care toothpastes now.


Find out more or grab them on the website here.