Go clubbing on two wheels

The dance floor at Zouk is primed for club-goers to break into a sweat. Soon the music’s pulsing, lights are flashing, bodies are gyrating, and the person on stage is whipping the crowd into an energetic frenzy.

Except that it’s 10.30 in the morning and everyone’s furiously pedalling on stationary bikes.

With nightclubs still closed (no word yet on whether it will be part of the reopening pilot programme), Zouk Group has pivoted to become anything but. Its classy Capital Lounge has already transformed into Capital Kitchen, a pop-up restaurant, and now its club space has become a spin studio by day and a cinema by night.


Zouk Group says it has been forced to think outside the box, and this ongoing strategy is a bid to diversify its offerings and to “satisfy Singaporeans’ continued thirst for experience and keep them connected and engaged”.

Putting the pedal to the metal
Classes are conducted in partnership with spin studio Absolute Cycle, and as it turns out, Zouk’s dance floor is perfect for this. The spacious area can accommodate up to 50 bikes on both first and second floors—even with safe distancing in place. Add a wicked sound system, superb lighting and an enthusiastic instructor, and it’s a hell of a ride (in the best way possible).


My 45-minute session kicked off at the steady pace, and soon my legs, core and glutes were getting the workout they needed. I fell into rhythm to the heart-pumping music as I performed high intensity moves punctuated by quick bursts of pedalling that got the adrenaline going. My arms got a workout too, as weights were used to help build upper body strength. By the end of the class, I had gotten my cardio for the week.


Things to note
Remember to come 20 to 30 minutes early. You’ll need to fill in a health declaration form and collect your cycling shoes. Classes are strictly not transferable and you might be asked to show proof of identity.

There are no lockers so you’ll need to place your belongings next to your bike. Yes, there are shower facilities in Zouk but they are limited, so keep this in mind after the class. I also did not notice any hair dryers. Seasoned clubbers would know that wash basins are communal and located outside the toilets. It might get a little awkward if you are, say, washing your face or putting on makeup, and your fellow mates walk by.


There is also a drinks bar to purchase water, isotonic drinks and juices, and a photo wall to capture memories of your workout at the club.

Considering the vibe at Zouk, I wouldn’t mind signing up for classes here. It was an exhilarating and multi-sensory experience that serves to be an excellent, calorie-burning alternative for an ordinary night out.

Instructor J.E. after the spin class.

Classes run seven days a week, with approximately 12 classes per day. You can make your booking here.