This new small batch rum blends three- to five-year-old rums from Barbados and the Dominican Republic to achieve a refreshing new taste that will change your impression of the old spirit

Among the oldest of modern-day spirits, rum is an old soul filled with the history and versatility of old-world charm. Endearingly known as the drink of pirates – and a famous love of the charming Captain Jack Sparrow – rum is most closely associated with the vibrant islands of the Caribbean, where most rums are produced, showcasing a multitude of flavours and colours like the multi-faceted regions they come from.

Out of a deep love for the spirit, four friends in Singapore decided to come together to realise a dream of giving rum a complete facelift. Embarking on their vision to elevate the world of rum as a whole, they present Rockpool, a small batch rum that aims to bring a fresh perspective to the spirit and shake off its conventional impressions of being “old and dusty with a hint of pirate”.



An expertly crafted blend of three- to five-year-old rums, Rockpool was inspired by the shallow pools of seawater that form along rocky intertidal shores, carved out and filled by the ocean’s wild waters. A safe place to glimpse the sea’s beautiful expanse without having to leave the comfort of land, its namesake spirit offers the same ethos: a refined take on rum that is both refreshing and displays hints of exciting intensity.



Drawing from the founders’ years of experience tasting varieties of rum from all over the world, Rockpool is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat, and yet carries a depth and complexity that work well in the concoction of cocktails.

Boasting no added sugar, colour, or flavours, the proud blend is a product of pot and column still rums from renowned distilleries in Barbados and the Dominican Republic.



Balanced with notes of light vanilla and dried orange peel, Rockpool shines with a distinct gold hue within sleek, modern bottles that pay homage to the nautical beginnings of rum.

In recognition of its high quality and taste, this young label was recently awarded a Gold Medal at the World Rum Awards 2022.


Available for purchase online, grab your own bottle of Rockpool today or find out more on their website here.