The series will explore wines from France's famed regions to discover their signature notes and ideal food partners

A warm French restaurant situated in the heart of Singapore’s Arts District, Ginett’s relaxed dining experience is an ideal go-to for any occasion, offering a welcoming backdrop for a night out surrounded by our vibrant heritage.

From today onwards, look forward to a new monthly food and wine pairing masterclass series by Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar.



Uncorked: Food & Wine Pairing Series at Ginett will guide guests through an assortment of French wines by the region to discover their unique characters and learn more about how to best pair them with different ingredients.



With the inaugural session happening today, they’ll be exploring the highly coveted Bordeaux wines, which are arguably amongst the most famous of French wines. The largest controlled wine growing region in France, Bordeaux is home to over 10,000 producers.

From that extensive list, the masterclass whittles it down to five prized bottles of varying terroirs, regions, châteaux, and vintages, showcasing their individual colours and learning the perfect pairings and occasions to break one out.



Accompanying the fine selection of wines is an equally decadent assortment of starters, hearty French mains, and artisanal desserts.


For more information on what they have to offer, visit Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar’s official website here.