Exquisitely crafted to look, taste, and feel just like the original that inspired it

Those who enjoy a daily tipple or two will know just how hard it is to pledge sobriety for whichever month that is trending. Along with a rising awareness for healthier lifestyle choices, cutting down on our booze intake has naturally come to the forefront.

So whether you’ve been marked as the evening’s designated driver or if you’re just meaning to imbibe that bit of mindfulness, Lyre’s got just the answer for you.



A familiar name in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, Lyre’s leads the charge in creating zero-proof flavours that mimic the profile of everything we get from liqueurs, spirits, whisky, gin, rum, and sparkling wine – sans the alcohol. Their newest offering? The Highland Malt, Singapore’s first non-alcoholic whisky beverage.



Crafted by Lyre’s flavour architect, David Murphy, the Highland Malt tastes surprisingly close to the real thing; so much so that you might even forget you’re going alcohol-free. Each sip leads with a soft earthiness, featuring light grain cereals, stone fruits, and almond notes. Subtle additions of sea spray and lightly charred oak further add to the drink’s complexity.



On the nose, one gets whiffs of seasoned oak, nutty grain, and warm spices. If that isn’t enough, its round smokiness contributes to the dance it does on our palate, giving us an experience just as what an actual highland malt whisky would.

Have it on the rocks or shaken as a sour and it’ll make for a perfect serve – for literally anyone under the sun without a hangover in tow.



Like Lyre’s existing range of non-alcoholic spirits and canned cocktails, the Highland Malt is carefully concocted with natural flavours, extracts, and distillates derived from fruits, botanicals, and other natural sources. 100% vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free, the premium product also boasts up to 90% fewer calories than traditional alcohol spirits.


Keen for a sip? Visit Lyre’s Singapore’s e-commerce platform here.
The Highland Malt will also be available at select Cold Storage outlets in the upcoming months.