This new standard in Japanese gin gets its distinct flavours from three of Japan’s most famous botanicals: yuzu, green tea, and ginger

A global leader in distilled beverages and maker of the popular Roku gin, Suntory presents a new standard in Japanese gin with SUI, made to be the perfect accompaniment for every meal.

Named after the Kingfisher, SUI is made at the same Osaka distillery that produces Roku and was once also the birthplace of Hermes, Suntory’s first gin. Held in a tall, hexagonal blue-green bottle, the beautiful spirit shines with the same elegant gleam as jade – referred to by the bold Kanji character on the bottle – each bottle is a culmination of Suntory’s expertise in creating quality spirits for over a century.



Made from a combination of the eight traditional gin botanicals – juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, angelica seed, cardamom, cinnamon, bitter orange, and lemon peels – the new expression gets its characteristic flavours from three of Japan’s most famous flavours: yuzu, green tea, and ginger.

Getting a refreshing citrus note from yuzu, the gin easily whets the palate, before coming through with a rich earthy-umami flavour that pairs with most Japanese meals, then finally getting to the subtly spicy hit of ginger.



To savour the naturally fresh and delicate flavour of SUI, take it simply with soda water in a highball. Suntory recommends going with a 1:4 ratio for the ideal SUI Gin & Soda.

Add your own splash of tonic for extra depth and complexity, or play around with unique infusions like lemon juice, Yuzu juice, crushed plum, grated ginger, frozen oranges, or even wasabi – it really is a drink for every meal and every occasion.


Available at most major retailers islandwide, follow their Instagram page for more information here.