4 cafés in the North to drop by

For the uninitiated, finding a nice spot in the elusive North of Singapore would usually seem like a daunting task. Whether it’s for a casual session over a cup of coffee, or an intimate date to bond over, moving up and away from town always seems to leave us stumped. But those in the know tell a different tale.

Filled with sights and sounds that you can only find away from the concrete jungle of urbanisation (town), the North is alive with vibrant gems that we’re sure you’d love to experience.

So if you’re looking for new places to explore and kick back, here are 4 of the best cafes in the North of Singapore that you should definitely have a go at.


AM:PM Café


, 4 cafés in the North to drop by


Bringing the magic of comforting desserts and freshly baked egglets to heartlanders, AM:PM serves up whimsical soft serve ice cream, accompanied by choices of handmade cones, their signature HK-style egglet waffles, and a selection of quality coffee and floral tea to present memorable café experiences without the need to travel out into town.


Common Chefs


, 4 cafés in the North to drop by


A popular 2-in-1 café and bakery concept in Sembawang, Common Chefs offers diners fresh bakes and quality coffee options alongside hearty international favourites such as their famous All-Day CC Breakfast, Truffle Tater Tots, and the weekend-only Rich Man burger.


Thus Coffee


, 4 cafés in the North to drop by


Nestled within the cosy Sembawang Hills estate, Thus Coffee presents a warm and inviting space that recreates an experience where diners can really engage with their meals and the people around them – to have intimate conversations or leisurely bond over quality micro-roasted specialty coffee blends and scrumptious bites.


Yahava KoffeeWorks


, 4 cafés in the North to drop by


Travelling the world to discover the very finest of specialty coffee beans, Yahava was founded by an avid coffee aficionado determined to bring the best of coffee experiences to people. Freshly ground, roasted, and brewed the way it’s been done since 2001, drop by to taste the wonders that coffee can bring in a cup, or to find out more about their experiential coffee workshops.