5 cafés in the East you should absolutely visit

As busy city-dwellers, one of our perennial favourite pastimes is to enjoy a quick break at a quaint location, indulging in heartwarming dishes and aromatic coffee. But although the café scene has always been of great interest, and our favourites have no doubt withstood the test of time, we’re constantly on the lookout for new experiences to feed our souls.

Here, we present a refreshed list of 5 cafés you should absolutely check out in the East of Singapore.


Chin Mee Chin


, 5 cafés in the East you should absolutely visit


A time-tested name of tradition and heritage, Chin Mee Chin has been serving up iconic classics since the 1920s. Still serving customers from its very same spot along East Coast Road, the space was recently revamped in a bid to restore its original elements. Offering the same old ambience and same old favourites of generations past, head over for a delicious, and nostalgic, trip with the very tastes that defined our ancestors’ meals.


Five Oars Coffee Roasters


, 5 cafés in the East you should absolutely visit


Setting out to uncover the great flavours and aromas of coffee bean varieties, Five Oars was founded on a vision to bring good food and great coffee to Singaporeans. Known for their vibrant communal space away from our bustling cityscape, their menu consists of highlights such as the Sriracha Chicken Benedict, Salmon Royale, and Steak & Eggs with Angus striploin to go with their freshly roasted coffee selections. East-siders may find Five Oars along Upper East Coast Road.


micro bakery red | house


, 5 cafés in the East you should absolutely visit


Making everything from scratch themselves, micro epitomises the spirit of serving food for the soul, from the soul. Breathing life through their plates and cups, each unique offering here is infused with age-old traditions of bread making, dedication to quality, and passionate service. Housed within a distinct red house – from where it gets its name – spot them easily along East Coast Road.




, 5 cafés in the East you should absolutely visit


Conceived by the people behind popular haunts such as Atlas Coffeehouse, Columbus Coffee Co., and Apollo Coffee Bar, Neptune carries on their tradition of providing amazing coffee and unique dining options suitable for all times of day. Adding that much more weight to the café scene in the Katong district, find Japanese-inspired dishes on the menu at this outlet. Highlights include their Big in Japan, featuring grana panado scones with yuzu jam, honey mascarpone, and shrimp & salmon in dill sauce, and Seafood Somen.


Sevens Cafe


, 5 cafés in the East you should absolutely visit


Nestled at the heart of Singapore’s charming eastern streets, 7s Cafe features a modern concept with a focus on modern Australian cuisine. Celebrating the diverse flavours of carefully curated coffee beans, their menu also boasts an array of café classics and artisanal desserts. Enjoy a quiet respite at 7s with their thoughtfully designed interiors, lush surroundings, and generous servings – a perfect destination whether it’s for breakfast, high tea, romantic dates, or intimate gatherings with friends.