Acclaimed as one of the highest grades of single-origin matcha, they marry the rich sweetness of the ultra-premium Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk to present some of the most indulgent matcha offerings you’ll ever taste

Known for their Hokkaido-quality offerings and exclusive use of the rich and creamy Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk, Baristart Coffee announces the launch of yet another decadent series, satisfying our need for new gourmet indulgences, fancy creations, and novel seasonal experiences.



Priding themselves on being the first café in Singapore that uses the ultra-premium milk in its full range of offerings, it lends its distinct taste to Baristart Coffee’s irresistible cups of latte, decadent desserts made in-house from scratch, and equally mouth-watering savoury dining options.

On top of their popular spread of scrumptious choices, the Tras Street outlet also boasts a hearty breakfast menu available all day – making it a convenient destination within the CBD for all you busy bees working in the area.



Following many successful precedences, the latest series from Baristart Coffee is a truly indulgent range made to take matcha fans on a trip to matcha heaven. Even if you’re not obsessed with matcha per se, the exquisite treats will sweep you off your feet with their sheer quality and taste.



Made using the famed Okumidori matcha, this extremely rare cultivar is grown in only 3% of Japan’s entire tea cultivation area. Hailing from Wazuka Village in Kyoto, Japan, Okumidori is acclaimed as one of the highest grades of tea leaves – and also one of the highest grades of single-origin matcha, boasting a deep green colour and perfect balance of earthiness and fragrance.



Marrying the ultra-premium Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk, this unparalleled series from Baristart Coffee presents a luxurious Matcha Cream Puff, a summer-ready Matcha Mango Hokkaido Milk, and a refreshing Matcha Soda.

Especially for fans, this limited-time series will only be available from now – 30 Jun; so be sure to act fast and head over now to taste some of that matcha goodness for yourself.


For more information, visit Baristart Coffee’s official website here.