10th World Oyster Festival at Greenwood Fish Market

On our tropical island where it’s summer all year round, bold refreshing sensations are always welcome – and almost nothing appeals to us more than the taste of fresh seafood.

Definitive products of their habitats and origins, oysters are perfect representatives of the waters they call home. Bringing the taste of the sea to us through their multitude of flavours and textures, fans can easily enjoy these briny, succulent molluscs raw or with simple squeezes of lemon or hot sauce.


, 10th World Oyster Festival at Greenwood Fish Market


Ready to taste the different varieties of saltwater freshness? Greenwood Fish Market’s 10th World Oyster Festival is likely to be your best bet.


, 10th World Oyster Festival at Greenwood Fish Market


From 01 – 31 Jul, the restaurant famed for its fish and chips will be flying in a record number of 29 oyster varietals from seven different countries – and eight different coastal regions – for their decennial celebration of oysters.

Diners can savour the luscious treat by ordering them à la carte or as an Oyster Tasting Platter that features eight pairs of the chef’s selection.


, 10th World Oyster Festival at Greenwood Fish Market


As part of the 10th World Oyster Festival’s line-up, there’ll also be 10 new oyster varietals for you to discover. They include the KYS Super Specials No. 1, KYS Super Specials No. 3, Sorlut Specials No. 1, and Brittany from France, the Kujukushima from Japan, NZ Rock from New Zealand, and Belle du Jour, Misty Point, Pemaquid, and Dam Wild from USA’s East coast.


The best part? You can choose to have your oysters at all Greenwood Fish Market outlets or slurp them up at home thanks to their island-wide delivery and self-pickup options.


To find out more, head over to the 10th World Oyster Festival event page here.