Eat out without queuing again with Foodpanda’s new pick-up function

When deadlines are nipping at your heels and heading out to brave the heat (and the queues) during lunch hour is too daunting, we all know what to do: Get food delivery. But sometimes, staying cooped up in the office when everyone else is out for lunch just seems so sad. That’s when you whip out your Foodpanda app and try out their new feature.

As of Nov 7, you’ll now find a new toggle option on the app that switches between food delivery and pick-up. We all know what delivery does, but with pick-up, you become your own delivery guy. Essentially, pick-up now allows you to pre-order your food, so you can skip wasting time queueing up at Guzman y Gomez for your nachos, nor do you have to wait to have your barista make you your skinny hazelnut latte at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

The cool part is that there is no minimum order required, no additional fees incurred, and only a 15-min turnaround time per order. So if you’re impatient for your Fun Toast kopi (we know the queues can be ridiculous in the morning), order one up before you’re even there and save precious minutes of your day.

The pick-up function is currently available at over 2,000 of Foodpanda’s participating merchants, with most of their entire network of over 6,000 establishments set to come onboard by year-end.