Featuring hand-kneaded bread freshly baked from a special recipe every day, generous portions of quality produce, and layers of the boldest flavours

A global phenomenon, sandwiches in all their varying appearances and names have pleased the appetites of countless generations, transcending culture, geography, and taste preferences with their simplistic presentation.

Elevating the sandwich scene in Singapore, Stacked presents artisanal, gourmet sandwiches made with a special hand-kneaded bread, baked fresh daily in small batches. Created from a pure unadulterated love for the timeless hunger-killer, their sandwiches are stacked with quality produce and big flavour, in between two slices of the freshest bread.



Committed to serving only what they’d love to have, Stacked’s gourmet sandwiches come in seven signature flavours and a side of tapioca chips. From the green and healthy to meaty and spicy, there’s something for everyone to indulge in.

For a fully vegan option, there’s the dairy- and allium-free Avo Bello with roasted portobello mushroom, avocado, arugula, grilled peppers, zucchini, and tomato on a bed of eggplant puree and vegan mayonnaise in between buns toasted with olive oil.



For the seafood lover, their Sassy Seafood is stuffed with minced crab meat, Tiger prawns with mayonnaise, melted Emmental cheese, Spanish red onions, jalapeños, red chilli, baby Romaine lettuce, egg mayo, and a mix of fresh herbs between buns spread with garlic butter.

Stacked’s version of the BLT, the Bitchy Bacon features streaky, crispy bacon, made extra indulgent with avocadoes, while the hearty Cheeky Katsu comes with two hefty cuts of breaded fried chicken thigh with pork floss, Japanese mayo, curry mayo, melted Emmental cheese, and a sunny side up.



For a simple but satisfying hit, go for the Slutty Eggs, filled with crushed eggs in mayonnaise, streaky bacon, melted Emmental cheese, and a layer of spicy mayonnaise. Their Hunky Beefy showcases the best flavours of beef bulgogi with shredded beef, slow-cooked in a Korean BBQ sauce, melted Emmental cheese, smoky cheddar cheese cause, and a sunny side up.

Spice lovers will love the Mighty Mala, with a whole crispy mala marinated chicken thigh, complemented by a mala mayo spread made with authentic Sichuan peppercorn for that real tongue-tingling mala experience. This sandwich even comes with three levels of spiciness for diners to choose from.

For low-carb Stacked options, opt for their salad bowls such as the Fet(a)vocado with feta cheese and avocadoes, Classic Caesar Salad with a choice of chicken, anchovy, pancetta, or prawns, Beefy Leafy Bowl, or Katsu Green for an option with more chicken.



Prepared from scratch daily, the team at Stacked only makes thirty sandwiches per day – so it’s fastest fingers first!

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Stacked is available for self-pickup at Stars of Kovan, and for islandwide delivery on Oddle Eats here.