In collaboration with CANCHITA Peruvian Cuisine, the exclusive event showcases mouthwatering interpretations of traditional Peruvian and Mexican cuisine

The only beach club in Singapore that boasts three swimming pools, Rumours Beach Club offers a tropical escape filled with Balinese beach vibes and aromatic flavours of Indonesian Jimbaran cuisine. Perfect for all types of get-togethers, they’re ideal for romantic dinner dates, full-fledged parties, family outings, and even have a dedicated pet-friendly area for your pets.

Come 16 May, Rumours Beach Club will be offering an exclusive one-day-only Fiesta Latina. In collaboration with CANCHITA Peruvian Cuisine, guests can look forward to a day of gratifying Latin American flavours.



Fiesta Latina features a menu specially curated by CANCHITA’s founder, Chef Daniel Chavez, and Head Chef Tamara Chavez, that showcases traditional fare of Peruvian and Mexican heritage, accompanied by the pulsating beats and invigorating salsa, merengue, and tango tracks by DJ Ramesh Krishnan.



The exclusive experience starts with a Ceviche – a national dish of Peru. The Ceviche Mixto Del Peru includes marinated Japanese Hamachi with Aji Amarillo Tiger’s Milk (a flavourful lime marinade), accompanied by crispy calamari, sweet potato purée, and green banana chips. Then move on to a Mexican Pacific Coast local favourite, the Tostada de Camarones – a medley of prawn ceviche, lime, jalapeño chilli, lettuce, habanero chilli mayonnaise, and avocado purée, paired with crispy corn tortillas. Not forgetting the quintessential Quesadilla, their vegetarian La Quesadilla Pitufo features portobello mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.



For a bigger sharing option, go for the Super Latino Mixed Combo Platter with chicken wings in special Canchita sauce, fish anticuchos with Adobo sauce, Argentina prawns a la Diabla, grilled pork sausage with Provolone cheese and Chimichurri sauce, nachos and guacamole, as well as corn esquites.

For extra tippling fun, sip on three specially concocted event-exclusive cocktails: the Passionfruit Pisco Sour, a twist on Peru’s national cocktail, the Paloma Canchita, an innovative take on the classic Mexican cocktail, and the Michelada, a refreshing beer mixed with Mexican spices, tabasco, plum powder, chilli flakes, and salt.


To book your seats early or find out more, visit Rumours Beach Club’s official website here.