Pepper Lunch celebrates National Day with month-long promotions

As we ready ourselves to celebrate the nation’s birthday next month, and look forward to the array of annual National Day deals that present themselves to us, Pepper Lunch gets in on the celebrations this year with their first-ever National Day Promotion Series.

Happening from now all the way through the month of August, the fast-service concept chain will be highlighting local flair and flavours across all its outlets in a delicious homage to our country.


, Pepper Lunch celebrates National Day with month-long promotions


Across Pepper Lunch restaurants, Pepper Lunch Express, and Pepper Lunch GO!, fans can expect seasonal items on their Oh-So-Shiok series with tastes that they’ll find charmingly familiar.

Debuting the Kueh Salat Cake as a seasonal side dish option at Pepper Lunch restaurants for a taste of tradition, the brand’s rendition of the traditional glutinous rice kueh steamed with coconut milk and topped with a layer of egg and coconut milk custard sees a layer of blue glutinous rice sandwiched between pandan sponge cake.

There’s also the sizzling Teppan Satay, Satay Diced Steak, and Satay Chicken Steak – a nod to one of Singaporeans’ all-time favourite bites.


, Pepper Lunch celebrates National Day with month-long promotions


At Pepper Lunch Express outlets, find the Rendang Fiesta special series. Featuring options of Rendang Beef Pepper Rice with Egg and Rendang Chicken Pepper Rice with Egg, lovers of rendang and traditional spices will definitely not want to miss these out.

In a tribute to the country’s 57th birthday, Pepper Lunch GO! will be offering their signature Pepper Rice Burger, an indulgent treat with juicy teppanyaki grilled meats sandwiched between two rice cakes, at $5.70 from 01 – 10 Aug.


To find out more about Pepper Lunch and their latest offerings, head over to their website here.