This aesthetic coffee bar uses locally roasted beans for quality and consistency, complementing the experience with a charming menu of Japanese snacks

Love yourself a nice cup of joe along the fringe of our downtown district? Coffee-drinking fans will be delighted to encounter Waga Waga Den, a stylish third wave coffee bar that opened its doors just earlier in June this year.

The newest concept by the Black Carvery Group, Waga Waga Den is a whimsical portmanteau of three Japanese words that represent wagyu beef, Japanese sweets, and a hangout spot respectively.



In a nod to their affection for Japan, the aesthetic café offers respite from the daily grind within a distinctive standalone glasshouse, serving up cold brew hojicha and premium coffee sourced directly from producers and roasted in Singapore.

Their menu of seasonal specials and delightful sweet and savoury Japanese snacks also exemplifies the minimal-waste philosophy adopted by the coffee bar, constantly coming up with creative means to reduce wastage and maximise produce from Black Carvery’s other concepts.



Their pride and joy, Waga Waga Den’s house blend coffee is a mix of single-origin Brazilian and single-origin Guatemalan beans that result in a smooth, balanced brew filled with notes of malt, chocolate, and apple, underscored by just a hint of acidity. Their house blend is available in both espresso and filtered options.

Dedicating to ensuring that every step of the entire coffee experience is positive, the brand works with 2º North Coffee Co., a local roaster, to procure their beans and roast them on the same day they arrive in Singapore to seal in that peak freshness. To ensure that the extraction of flavours from each batch of roast is consistent and optimal, Waga Waga Den adjusts their coffee blend weekly.


Fans can also look forward to a roster of single-origin beans from both local and international partner roasters in time to come.


To find out more about Waga Waga Den, head over to their Facebook page here.