Bringing diners a greater degree of culinary diversification and recognising the heroes of Singapore’s unique heritage

Marking 26 years of uncovering the best of Singapore’s culinary scene, the World Gourmet Summit (WGS) is back for another gastronomic extravaganza that showcases and recognises the highest culinary standards and intricate craftsmanship of decorated local chefs.

This year, the epicurean festival aims to achieve an “Equilibrium” – to discover an ideal balance between food and soul.

Faithfully presenting unique opportunities to relish gourmet dishes across multitudes of culinary influences over the years, WGS 2022 pushes further in their showcase of excellence with an expanded curation of diversified experiences.



Apart from having curated a year-long line-up of exciting dining encounters that boast both international and local gourmet affairs, masterclasses, events, and exclusive WGS menus at award-winning establishments, this year will welcome the first ever Hawker Awards Series as part of the annual World Gourmet Awards (WGA).

The Hawker Awards Series honours the hawkers who provide Singaporeans and tourists alike with one of the most diverse and extensive menus in the world, in a proactive bid to help preserve the culture and allow these times-tested heroes to continue plying their trade.



Made possible by the hawker themselves, Singapore’s unique hawker culture is a result of their time, sweat, and tears through endless hours of honing their skills and dedication to creating the most memorable food.

As Singapore’s first nomination to UNESCO’s Representative List, our hawker culture was repeatedly highlighted as an intangible cultural asset that best represents Singapore’s multicultural heritage.

The inaugural WGA Hawker Awards recognises our hawker heroes in three categories: the Hall of Fame, which honours hawkers whose significant contributions over a minimum span of 30 years have led to the promotion and growth of excellence within our hawker culture, the Young Hawker Award for talented hawkers who are 35 years old and younger, and the Most Outstanding Hawker Award for hawkers with exceptional culinary skills.


For more information on WGS and the sumptuous experiences they have curated, visit their website here.