Including popular staples like Samgyetang, Jajangmyeon, Kimchi stew, banana milk and many more

Of the things that Singaporeans love most, we dare say that convenience ranks among the top few spots – which is why we’re also quite sure that like us, 7-Eleven is one of your favourite haunts.

Going beyond stocking those on-the-go essentials that we’ve always been thankful to find at their stores, 7-Eleven is taking things up yet another notch with a new menu of Korean-inspired ready-to-eat bites to satisfy our love for Korean culture.



Their extensive selection features an all-new array of Korean must-haves, including the iconic Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Shop), with tender chicken thigh, sticky rice, jujube, and American Ginseng, Gilgeori Toast, where lightly fried chicken is tossed in sweet and spicy Yangnyeom sauce, wrapped with shredded purple cabbage in a tortilla, and Chicken Bulgogi Onigiri, featuring marinated roasted chicken with authentic gochujang sauce from Korea.



In honour of Korea’s favourite drink, 7-Eleven will also be launching a limited-edition series of 7CAFÉ banana milk flavoured beverages to complement their exciting Korean offerings.

Shake off the heat with a classic 7CAFÉ Iced Banana Milk, or go for the 7CAFÉ Banana Latte for a different pick-me-up!



Also joining in the excitement are last year’s top-selling Korean trio. Back for a limited time only, grab the wildly popular Kimchi Jiggae, a familiar Korean stew with kimchi and tofu, Korean Jajangmyeon, with fresh egg noodles and black bean sauce from Korea, and authentic-tasting Korean Spicy Rice Cakes, while they’re still available!

Then round off your Korean indulgence with Taste Asia’s selection of Korean Style Abalone Porridge, Korean Spicy Chicken Stew with Rice, and Cheesy Ramen with Grilled Gochujang Chicken.


For more information on 7-Eleven and their latest offerings, visit their website here.