Featuring truffles air-flown from Spoleto, Italy, fully infused into a rich sweet-savoury gelato with Madagascan vanilla and macadamia nuts, this season exclusive is limited to only 1,000 tubs

Founded on a deep passion and singular commitment to bringing the authentic taste of Italy and Italian truffles to the world, Aroma Truffle & Co. has wowed the world and us with their incredibly rich truffle snacks and culinary products.

This season, Singapore’s most celebrated truffle brand is back with the first-ever truffle gelato topped with sliced black truffles.



A luxurious treat perfect for our tropical climate, these bags of luxe goodness uses black summer truffles harvested from the farm in Spoleto, Italy.



Renowned for their “World’s Strongest Truffle Chips”, this new summer-limited Truffle Gelato is a delicately sweet and savoury gourmet gelato made fresh locally with all-natural ingredients and free of any preservatives.



A picturesque medieval town in Italy, the truffles of Spoleto are found in the untouched forests that surround the town. Amidst cold and fresh air, and the town’s relatively high humidity, high quality truffles for all seasons are able to harvested there.

Yielding distinctly different flavours each time, this seasonal batch of Aroma Truffle’s gelato bears the mark of black summer truffles, in season only from April to August.



Made from the world’s finest Madagascan vanilla beans and a blend of chunky macadamia nuts, the gelato is balanced with Bolivian pink salt, allowing the delicate truffle fragrance to shine through the sweetness of vanilla. Fully infused into the gelato, the aroma of black summer truffles imparts a rich nutty and earthy flavour.


With only 1,000 tubs available this season, grab yourselves a tub before they run out! To experience the truffle flavours at their peak, freeze the gelato for at least three hours before you take them.


Now available at all Aroma Truffle outlets and their online store. Find out more on their website here.