Get traditional kueh, ba zhang, artisanal kaya and more

When you first visit Atlas Handcrafted, you'd think you've just landed on a modern e-commerce site purveying artisanal, gourmet fare. And while you're not entirely wrong, there's more to this digital marketplace than one can initially glean.

Started by two young Singaporeans who wanted to help bring local traditional businesses online, many of the products you see on the site are actually up-cycled versions of common, everyday foodstuffs we take for granted.

They don't just sell Nyonya kueh for instance, but 24K Floral Nyonya Kueh. The kueh is sourced from a local traditional shop, but then given the upmarket treatment by placing them on sleak slate, ceramic plates and bamboo trays before adorning them in 24-karat gold leaves from Japan and locally grown tropical flowers. This makes them great for gifting.

They can even go a step further and package the kuehs with items more commonly found on a charcuterie board—think premium farmstead cheese and cold cuts delivered side-by-side kueh lapis and kueh salat. How's that for a gourmet care package with a local twist?

And in their breakfast sets (yes, they deliver that too), you'll find things like you tiao and butterfly fritters, usually seen served in plastic bags at hawker centres, be sent to you in a three-tier glass stand akin to those you find at hotel high-teas.

Of course, knowing the hearts of modern consumers, they also offer more artisanal items ranging from 5-spice chocolate bars to gluten-free burnt cheesecakes, that the younger ones among you will surely appreciate.

For the tippliers out there, there's a good range of alcoholic packages that come complete with mixers and garnish too (they even sell bar tools). So there's truly something for everyone here.

Whether you're looking to impress a special person with a thoughtful care package or simply hoping to show some love to someone who needs it, you need look no further.

Check out Atlas Handcrafted here.