Crusty’s launches new potato chips with iconic local flavours

Redefining the way we have our snacks, Crusty’s is a homegrown purveyor of quality snacks that have become so good at it, they’ve also found their way into the hearts of consumers beyond our shores. Dedicated to producing snacks that showcase the best of Singaporean flavours, they’re best known for their unbelievably crispy salted egg fish skin.

Since then, they’ve only grown and now boast an extensive array of ready-to-eat gourmet snacks from popcorns and potato chips, to soy-based and surimi-based snacks. This March, Crusty’s unveils two exciting new creations that pay homage to a truly Singaporean icon.


, Crusty’s launches new potato chips with iconic local flavours


Their new Hawker Culture Street Food Edition takes inspiration from Singapore’s multicultural identity, unique hawker offerings, and that communal spirit to tap into our shared heritage and collective love for those familiar tastes.

From one of the most ubiquitous dishes in Singapore comes their Singapore Chicken Rice flavoured potato chips.

A savoury concoction of tasty poached chicken and the distinct fragrances of Southeast Asia, each of their Singapore Chicken Rice potato chip is a burst of umami flavours waiting to be enjoyed.


, Crusty’s launches new potato chips with iconic local flavours


For those in love with spicy flavours, their Singapore BBQ Seafood potato chips will hit the spot with its spicy and smoky tang.

Like a feisty seafood platter, this Singaporean edition features the iconic taste of sambal on our seafood grills – making it the world’s first sambal seafood potato chips.


Crusty’s Hawker Culture Street Food potato chips are now available for purchase on their official website, and will soon also be available via the iShopChangi website.